“Bienvenue” with moss

The municipality of Mont-Saint-Jean in Sarthe has decided to decorate to the town with Bryoflor moss carpets for aesthetic and practical interest.

Filtreo® bus shelter

Bryoflor has collaborated with JCDecaux in the development of a new generation of bus shelters, called Filtreo®, by supplying plant moss mats responsible for capturing and absorbing pollutants.

City garden (Didier Danet)

Didier Danet’s client was looking for a solution to create a shaded patio around its offices in the heart of Paris. The landscaping architects Didier Danet offered a plant range made up of ferns, tree ferns, helixine, azaleas and Bryoflor moss mats & (...)

Claude Monet’s Garden (Giverny)

Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny (France) is one of the most beautiful gardens in the country. The garden was the inspiration for a few of the painter’s masterpieces. Moss plaques were installed to create a plant bed around a purple beech near the world-famous water lilies of Giverny. Bryoflor (...)

600m² Shop Roof

In Cholet, as part of the construction of commercial premises, the community was asked to green part of the roof, which had not been initially planned. The solution proposed by Bryoflor made it possible to meet this demand without having to modify the structure of the roof and completely (...)