Plandanjou, a group of nurserymen from Pays de La Loire, offers plant professionals, communities and landscapers more than 15,000 references …

Bryoflor products have been part of the PLANDAJOU catalog since 2019 and Bryoflor was welcomed on the PLANDAJOU stand at the Paysalia and Salon Vert fairs.

Siemsen & Lasak Vegetation Systems

Siemsen & Lasak Vegetation Systems was founded in 2010 by two employees of a company recognized as a pioneer in extensive green roofs. The company has a long experience in research and development as well as a unique know-how in the cultivation of mosses.

Partner since 2015, Bryoflor distributes moss mats grown by Siemsen & Lasak and plans to start a production in France.

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