Laying out a garden

  • Shaded zone
  • Japanese garden
  • Not easily accessible zone
  • Covering up a non vegetal zone (eg. concrete, etc.)

Bryoflor offers different products suitable for gardens according to customer needs:

  • The moss blanket on geotextile or moss cushions are perennial systems that allow moss to grow.
  • On the other hand, some customers want a 100% natural product, in this case; their choice should be moss mats on a biodegradable mats or moss plates. It will then be necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of the substrate.

In addition, we would keep having mosses that are constantly humid, but mosses don’t work like that in nature, they dry out when it’s too hot. They should therefore not be watered above 25° unlike other plants. You must also be careful to use only non-calcareous water.

Japonese garden Shade area moss bed - Mousse de foret au jardin de Claude Monnet à Giverny hard to reach area

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