Bryoflor, living moss

Moss is an ancient plant with remarkable qualities: no need for soil or fertilizer to grow: it grows thanks to the rain. It takes nutrients from the air which it purifies of microparticles and CO2. From the bryophyte family, moss is characterized by the absence of sap, roots and seeds. It resists drought by dehydrating and entering dormancy to come back to life with the next rain.

This makes it a very interesting plant that is both sustainable, ecological and easy to maintain:

  • No watering, drought resistant
  • No mowing, minimal maintenance
  • No land, lightness
  • Thrives in the shade
  • No fertilizers or pesticides
  • Absorbs CO2 and microparticles
  • Limit noise
  • Regulates humidity and temperature

Nothing could be easier to create a small corner of greenery on a terrace or balcony. There are many uses: Our specializations:

  • garden (shade, Japanese, contemporary….),
  • green roof,
  • green wall,
  • event,
  • decoration,
  • and many other uses…
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