About mosses

An introduction to mosses Mosses belong to the family of bryophytes. This species differs from the pteriodophytes (eg. ferns) that have roots and sap but produce no grains and from the spermatophytes that produce grains. bryophytes are one of the most ancient forms of vegetation on the Earth. (...)

Green walls

The bryophyte snakeskin liverwort or Conocephalum conicum is not a moss but a liverwort and it can be used to create vegetal walls both indoors and outdoors.

Our mats

Presentation Our moss carpets are composed of an unweaved felt geotextile covered with a trellis where moss has been cultivated. Different species of mosses are available in order to adapt to various positions (sun, light shadow, deep shadow, etc.) Shipping and delivery The moss carpets are (...)


Laying out a garden Shaded zone Japanese garden Not easily accessible zone Covering up a non vegetal zone (eg. concrete, etc.) Vegetal rooftops Our moss carpets can be stuck directly on the rooftop or the terrace (wood, concrete, etc.). Since no soil is needed for mosses, it makes it a very (...)