Laying out a garden Shaded zone Japanese garden Not easily accessible zone Covering up a non vegetal zone (eg. concrete, etc.) Bryoflor offers different products suitable for gardens according to customer needs: The moss blanket on geotextile or moss cushions are perennial systems that allow (...)

Green roof

The carpets can be stuck directly on the roof or the terrace (wood, bitumen, cement ….). Since moss does not need a substrate (soil), this makes for a lightweight solution. It is also possible to ballast the mats with stones or concrete blocks to lay on (...)

Plant facing

Without modifying the structure of the roof to support the weight of a green roof and completely independent of the waterproofing.

Moss Wall

Moss mats can be used to create vertical walls (outside avoiding exposure to the sun). Experience The moss is placed to the north and receives rainwater from a coping of about 25 cm, the plant system consists of: an extruded polystyrene plate phenolic foam tiles a Moss mat on geotextile wet (...)