Laying out a garden

  • Shaded zone
  • Japanese garden
  • Not easily accessible zone
  • Covering up a non vegetal zone (eg. concrete, etc.)

Vegetal rooftops

Our moss carpets can be stuck directly on the rooftop or the terrace (wood, concrete, etc.). Since no soil is needed for mosses, it makes it a very light solution for rooftop, lighter than grass-based ones.

Grenn walls

Bryoflor provides two solutions for green walls:

  • Our moss carpets can be used to create vertical walls. They will require a soft spraying with rain type water.
  • Our vegetal walls are mainly composed of snakeskin liverwort. This species has very large thalli. They can cover up humid surfaces. The visual and tactile impression is similar to leather. The liverwort can either coat all the surface or be combined with other vegetal species.


Our moss carpets can be easily cut to create new designs and shapes, either permanent or temporary.