Moss Mat on geotextile

Presentation The vegetal moss mats are composed of a non-woven geotextile felt sewn with a trellis on which moss has been grown. Several species compositions are available to adapt to different situations (sun, light, light shade, deep shade) edge-mat Reception Moss mats can only survive (...)

Moss cushion

Description Our moss cushions bring volume to your projects. The mosses selected are forest mosses (Dicranum, Hypnum, Polytrichum, Thuidium) which grow on a rot-proof form. Their dimensions vary from 25 to 60 cm. Pause-sur-la-ville paysalia Maintenance The moss mats do not require any (...)

Moss mats on biodegradable support

Bryoflor supplies moss mats grown over biodegradable supports that disappear naturally over time. Bryoflor has developed this product so that customers can easily install moss while respecting the natural character of their garden. Technical characteristics Width: 1m Length: up to 3m Available (...)

Moss plaques

Some species of moss form mats that become stiff and thick. We supply them as moss plates that do not need to be rolled. These mosses grow over a biodegradable support that naturally disappears over time. Technical characteristics Dimension: 30x50cm Biodegradable support Proposed species : (...)

Green wall LASI 500

Presentation The LASI 500 green wall system is a modular system, irrigation is done by capillarity without pipe, valve or nozzle eliminating the risk of clogging. It works indoors and outdoors, the 50x50 cm irrigation plates make it possible to carry out tailor-made projects. Indoors, it is (...)