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Our moss carpets are composed of an unweaved felt geotextile covered with a trellis where moss has been cultivated. Different species of mosses are available in order to adapt to various positions (sun, light shadow, deep shadow, etc.)

Shipping and delivery

The moss carpets are delivered in the form of rolls. Depending on the quantity, the shipping can take place either by mail or with a truck. Mosses cannot survive more than a few day in when rolled. It is thus very important to install them quickly after they are delivered. If they have to be stored temporarily, they must be unrolled and hydrated until they reach a reasonable weight (5 kg/m²).


The mosses are quite sensitive to some metals, in particular zinc and copper. The water coming out from metallic walls, galvanized or copper sheet must in no case come into contact with the moss carpet. In that case the carpet can be installed on a draining layer. Mosses are also sensitive to alkaline media (ph above 7). Concrete grounds can be treated with a solution of acetic acid for instance. Otherwise, the moss carpet should be isolated from the ground using a plastic film. Mosses cannot survive more than a month underwater. If the surface on which the moss is to grow is covered with water pounds, the mosses carpets should be raised to keep them away from the water. Installation Various solutions are available depending on the use that you choose for our moss carpets. In gardens or along roads, the carpets are stuck to a draining geotextile, itself bound to the ground by nails. In the case of roads, species resistant to salt are available if needed. On rooftops, the moss carpets can be installed on asphalt or plastic films. If the slope of the roof is slight, eg. < 5°, the carpets can be bound mechanically using pebbles. For roofs of intermediate inclination (5° to 10°), the carpets have to be glued. When the slope is even higher, please contact us so we can provide you with species that are suitable for important slopes.


Moss carpets do not require any particular maintenance. The main thing to do is to make sure that the leaves falling from the surrounding trees do not decompose on them. Weeds do not grow on our carpets since the grains that could be carried from outside cannot survive the draught periods. Generally, when the carpets benefit from rain water, no irrigation is necessary.

Technical characteristics

  • Saturated weight: 15.9 kg/m²
  • Dry weight: 2.1 kg/m²
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Resistance to traction: 4 KN/m
  • Fire resistance: Classe E

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