Moss cushion


Our moss cushions bring volume to your projects. The mosses selected are forest mosses (Dicranum, Hypnum, Polytrichum, Thuidium) which grow on a rot-proof form. Their dimensions vary from 25 to 60 cm.



  • The moss mats do not require any particular maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the leaves of the trees do not decompose on them.
  • In general, when carpets benefit from natural watering, watering is not necessary.
  • If irrigation is installed, it will be necessary to ensure the quality of the water (prefer rainwater, avoid alkaline or chlorinated water as well as water that is too mineralized, use an osmosis unit to purify the water in the faucet). Misting is the recommended technique, the moss needs to be washed regularly with pure water to remove any impurities it absorbs or excess minerals. Watering through the ground can be considered if the moss is regularly rinsed by the rain. Periods should be allowed for the moss to dry. It will be necessary to avoid watering the moss in hot weather (>25°C), the simplest and safest way is to let the moss dry during the summer.
Moss Cushion

Precautions for use:

Cushions should be placed in shady, cool places with natural humidity (undergrowth or a cool, shady patio, for example). Avoid:

  • Sunshine
  • Drought
  • The wind

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