Green wall LASI 500


The LASI 500 green wall system is a modular system, irrigation is done by capillarity without pipe, valve or nozzle eliminating the risk of clogging. It works indoors and outdoors, the 50x50 cm irrigation plates make it possible to carry out tailor-made projects. Indoors, it is available as a green table (50x100cm) and as a mobile wall (150x100cm) with one or two green sides.

System Benefits

  • Patented, pressureless, fully automatic and low maintenance irrigation system
  • Reliable irrigation principle (no drip hoses)
  • Uniform watering regardless of height
  • Large water storage capacity (low risk of dehydration)
  • Small footprint (module depth 50 mm)
  • Simple, easy and quick installation, replacement and disassembly
  • Negligible operating cost due to low power consumption
  • Sustainable thanks to recyclable materials
Mobile wall one side - Mur mobile un coté Outdoor green wall

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